Mary Brodbeck


moku hanga woodblock prints


“I use the woodblock print medium as a vehicle for me to make well-crafted and meaningful interpretations of nature. More than just “multiples” of a single design, my prints have gained their distinctive look through the very act of repetition – similar to the developed voice of any well-practiced instrument. In many ways, I consider my prints to be stilled performances.

Yet art speaks it own language and viewers will come away with their own interpretation. My hope is that my art will cheer to the good qualities in all of us and speak of love, beauty, mystery, desire and optimism.”


Mary Brodbeck was born in 1958 to Willard and Margaret Brodbeck in Hastings, Michigan. She grew up on a dairy farm near Woodland, Michigan along with four brothers and two sisters.

Prior to focusing on fine art full-time in the 1990’s, Mary worked as an industrial designer in the West Michigan office furniture industry.

Since 1998, Mary has specialized in moku hanga – woodblock prints made using all traditional Japanese methods and materials. She learned these techniques from Yoshisuke Funasaka in Tokyo, as a recipient of a Bunka-Cho fellowship from the Japanese government.

Mary’s images are most often of the Great Lakes. She exhibits her work throughout the United States, and in Canada and Japan. Mary’s home base is in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.


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