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Meet Mary

Woodblock printmaking helps me to slow down and take notice – promoting a state of calm and focus, a feeling of being at home.

‘Welcome’ and ‘home’ are two of my favorite words, especially when combined. If someone greets me with a ‘welcome home’, I feel not only wanted, I feel wanted in a place of familiarity, trust, and love. It’s special to hear those words.

Nature will never utter a word to me literally, of course, yet I can still feel spoken to and at home in the out-of-doors anyway. Because to me, feeling at home is the feeling of connection and this is what I express in my woodblock prints. Whether my subject is a simple flower by the roadside, a grand star-filled sky, or an elusive patch of fog, all can be spectacular and worth paying attention to.

My hope is that through my art, nature might speak to you too. Our spinning blue planet is home to us all. Our time here is all too brief. Isn’t it amazing that we are even here?

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Mary Brodbeck (b. 1958) is a Michigan-based artist recognized for her graphic depictions of the Great Lakes watershed region. Inspired by her love of the out-of-doors and the aesthetics of Japan, her work in both print and film (Becoming Made, 2014) has garnered her acolytes and inclusion in many workshops, exhibitions, and collections throughout the USA and abroad. CV

2024 Workshop Schedule

MARQUETTE, MI | June 24 – 27 | 4-Day Introduction to Japanese Woodblock Printmaking at Marquette Arts and Culture Center, Peter White Library. Sponsored by Lake Superior Arts Association. CASS IS FULL

FISH CREEK, WI | Oct 15 – 18 | 4-Day Introduction to Japanese Woodblock Printmaking at Peninsula School of Art.

2024 Representation

Hudson Gallery (Sylvania, OH)
Copper Country Community Arts Center (Hancock, MI)
Ox-Bow House (Douglas, MI)

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