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The poetry of the earth is never dead. –John Keats

Welcome and thanks for visiting! Please have a look around to find pictures of my artwork, a history of the process, my documentary film, note cards, and blog – all featuring my woodblock prints made in the time-honored traditions of 17th century Japan.

People have said they connect to my woodblock prints because of the mood it emotes, the places it represents, or because of the colors. Whatever has drawn you here, I’m glad that you came. Please make yourself at home and let me know if you need anything. Thanks again for stopping by! 

2023 Event/Workshop Schedule

KALAMAZOO, MI | April 14 – 16 | 3-Day Introduction to Japanese Woodblock Printmaking at Kalamazoo Institute of Arts. 

KALAMAZOO, MI | May 12 – 14 | 3-Day Baren-making Workshop with Yoshisuke Funasaka at Kalamazoo Book Arts Center. Registration is open.

KALAMAZOO, MI | May 12 – July 28 | Cross Current: East/West Woodblock Print Exhibition at Kalamazoo Book Arts Center.  

KALAMAZOO, MI | Tuesday, May 16 | ArtBreak Noon Presentation with Yoshisuke Funasaka at Kalamazoo Institute of Arts. 

IOWA CITY, IA | July 10 – 15 | 5-Day Introduction to Japanese Woodblock Printmaking with Frogman’s Press at the University of Iowa. Registration is open.

GRAND MARAIS, MN | July 24 – 28 | 5-Day Introduction to Japanese Woodblock Printmaking at Grand Marais Art Colony.

FISH CREEK, WI | Oct 10 – 13 | 4-Day Introduction to Japanese Woodblock Printmaking at Peninsula School of Art.

Learning never exhausts the mind. –Leonardo da Vinci

About Mary

Mary Brodbeck loves life. Whether it’s travel and the out-of-doors, spending time with friends and family, working in the art and design field, or serving students and customers . . . she’s all in.

Originally trained in industrial design, she picked up a wood carving tool in her early thirties and never looked back. She studied Japanese woodblock printmaking with Yoshisuke Funasaka in Tokyo in 1998 via a fellowship from the Japanese government. For the past 25 years she has relished developing her contemporary American vision by means of this historic Japanese technique.

Most of her source material is from the Great Lakes watershed region where she was born and still lives (Michigan). Additional inspiration comes from her artist-in-residencies and other travels including the coast of Oregon and rural Japan.

Her work may be found in the museum collections at the Detroit Institute of Arts, Muskegon Museum of Art, Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, and others. CV 

Mary continues to make woodblock prints inspired by her experiences outside, and enjoys sharing her work through public presentations, gallery representation, and workshops.

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