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Making woodblock prints helps me to slow down and take notice – promoting a state of calm and focus, a feeling of being at home. ~Mary Brodbeck

Handmade Woodblock Prints

   "Loop" woodblock print by Mary Brodbeck – www.marybrodbeck.com   

There’s no place like home. Whether in the out-of-doors or in my studio, being at home means being fully engaged in the moment; observing, creating, listening. My job is to observe and listen to nature, then interpret my experiences and feelings into visual narratives of shapes, colors and textures. I love my job.

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Note Cards

"Vistas" card set of Mary Brodbeck woodblock prints – www.marybrodbeck.com  "Perches" card set of Mary Brodbeck woodblock prints – www.marybrodbeck.com

Letter writing is another one of my passions. I created these note cards, reproductions from my colorful woodblock prints, in the spirit of sharing my art, love of nature, and love of keeping in touch.

“To write is human, to receive a letter: divine!” ~Susan Lendroth

Mary Brodbeck Artist

Based in Kalamazoo Michigan, Mary continues to make her nature-based woodblock prints reflecting experiences during her travels, artist residencies, and areas close to home too.

Her work is in the permanent collection at the Detroit Institute of Arts and in many public and private collections worldwide.

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Today I have grown taller from walking with the trees.” ~Karle Wilson Baker

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