Touching Time: Floating


I am happy to share one of my newest woodblock prints, Floating. It’s an image of a Canadian Shield granite cliff in Ontario, pink above water and clear green blue beneath the surface. My vantage point is from floating in a canoe. A few hundred miles south in Michigan, we enjoy verdant cropland without cliffs […]

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Golden Moments: Hope


It was August, 2019. The sun was rising above the horizon when my husband and I rounded a point and entered this bay on Mashagama Lake, Ontario. I snapped a picture with my cell phone, positioning the lit-up rock within the frame like a huge diamond pendant. I knew immediately that I had to make a woodblock print of this […]

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Why I Love Snow: Loop


It’s May 16th in southern Michigan. The weather right now is gloriously spring: blossoms on every tree (or so it seems) and the soil is practically pulsing with an eagerness to get things rolling. For many, this is the best time of year. So much newness is on the horizon. I get it. So why […]

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Something Lovely: Imagine


“Imagine something lovely”, the nurse said. She could sense my anxiety. So I imagined something lovely in nature, my source of inspiration and spiritual renewal. “Ok”, I replied, and thought of swimming underwater in cool, green weightlessness. Before I knew it, my fear had been … washed away. This incident happened a long time ago, […]

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Greetings my Friend! I am happy to share my latest woodblock print of gingko leaves, entitled Gold. I chose the title even before I made the image because of what it meant to me. The title and image both serve as metaphors about autumn – the season of harvest, fruition, merit, and reward.  Gold is the fourth in […]

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Making the Unknown Known: Veil


“Making your unknown known is the important thing–and keeping the unknown always beyond you.” ~ Georgia O’Keeffe The island appears to float in this print entitled Veil. This woodblock print Veil, is the second in my series of Mashagama Lake, in Ontario, where my husband and I enjoy paddling together in our canoe. My husband […]

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6 Fundamentals of Creativity – Moving Forward


Creativity is important in solving the most complicated problems, no matter the medium or subject. Creativity is what keeps humankind moving forward. Want to know what fosters creativity? In this blog post, I’ll share a list of 6 fundamentals that have worked for me. These fundamentals, in a sweeping way, are the building blocks to how […]

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