Participants in my Japanese woodblock workshops learn: how to carve, how to print with water-based pigments, the kento registration, and pressing with a baren – all hallmarks of the mokuhanga (wood print) printmaking process dating back to the 17th century Japan.

2023 Schedule

KALAMAZOO, MI | May 12 – 14 | 3-Day Baren-making Workshop with Yoshisuke Funasaka at Kalamazoo Book Arts Center. Registration is open. 

KALAMAZOO, MI | June 16 – 18 | 3-Day Introduction to Japanese Woodblock Printmaking at Kalamazoo Institute of Arts. Please call the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts to register.

IOWA CITY, IA | July 10 – 15 | 5-Day Introduction to Japanese Woodblock Printmaking with Frogman’s Press at the University of Iowa. Registration is open.

GRAND MARAIS, MN | July 24 – 28 | 5-Day Introduction to Japanese Woodblock Printmaking at Grand Marais Art Colony.

FISH CREEK, WI | Oct 10 – 13 | 4-Day Introduction to Japanese Woodblock Printmaking at Peninsula School of Art.

More details will be coming as the times near.

“Mary Brodbeck’s mastery of mokuhanga is nearly as inspiring and beautiful as her patience and kindness as a teacher. I would recommend her workshop to anyone who wants to learn more about Japanese prints.” ~Trishelle J.

“Incredibly thorough! A workshop that engages all skill levels.” ~Ashlee M.

“Mary was great at showing step by step….I improved my process 100%.” ~Barbara M.

“Mary’s class actually exceeded my expectations, it was great.”” ~Dee B.

“Mary is that rare combination, a proficient artist and a great teacher.” ~Alex P.

“Mary’s class was a nice, easy introduction to an art that I am really interested in. She did a lot to make it really accessible.” ~Joe V.

“My experience of having Mary as a personal instructor was extremely helpful and inspiring. It allowed me the courage to work and experiment with a brand new art medium.” ~Sybil G.

“This was the most enjoyable art workshop I have ever taken.” ~Elizabeth G.

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