Participants are typically shown a variety of contemporary and historic prints as examples at the beginning of the workshop. Everyone then moves into carving and printing their own designs to become familiar with the tools and materials unique to this process. At the end of the session, there’s the option of people trading with one another. The goal is to be enriched and to have fun.

2024 Workshop Schedule

MARQUETTE, MI | June 24 – 27 | 4-Day Introduction to Japanese Woodblock Printmaking at Marquette Arts and Culture Center, Peter White Library. Sponsored by Lake Superior Arts Association. CLASS IS FULL

FISH CREEK, WI | Oct 15 – 18 | 4-Day Introduction to Japanese Woodblock Printmaking at Peninsula School of Art.

“Incredibly thorough! A workshop that engages at all levels.” ~Ashlee M.

Mary Brodbeck’s mastery of mokuhanga is nearly as inspiring and beautiful as her patience and kindness as a teacher. I would recommend her workshop to anyone who wants to learn more about Japanese prints” ~Trishell J.

“Mary was great at showing step-by-step. . . I improved my process 100%.” ~Barbara M.

“Mary’s class actually exceed my expectations. It was great.” ~Dee B.

“Mary is that rare combination, a proficient artist and a great teacher.” ~Alex P.

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